70 years old but fast as .....

RM3: Tell us a little about you?

I am a 70 year old cyclist from Rock Hill, SC. I moved here over five years ago for the Giordana Velodrome and haven’t looked back. I love the Carolinas.

I am born and raised in Pennsylvania and lived there until age 65. I was a head coach at the Valley Preferred Cycling Center (TTown Velodrome)

RM3: When did you first start Cycling?

I was introduced to the bicycle as a triathlete at age 38 (1985). Although I was a fairly good runner and decent swimmer I soon realized I loved the bike. In 1991 I started a transition to bicycle racing. I love the fact that no matter my age I feel as if I am 17 when I throw my leg over the top tube.

RM3: What was your favorite charity bike ride and why did you sign up?

While I do not have a favorite charity ride I have done many. The one that comes to mind first is the Bridge to the Beach Cancer Ride in Philadelphia. My favorite “group ride” is the Grand Fondo Nove Colli with 13,000 of my closest Italian friends in Cesenatico, Italy each May.

RM3: What is your favorite local route?

I really like the Plantation Ride out of Matthews, NC on Sunday mornings in the summertime.

RM3: What do you find to be the most exciting thing about riding?

Speed! I fancy myself an endurance rider, but I am always working to make myself a better road sprinter.

RM3: Do you do a lot of charity events?

No. I am usually training for a specific goal and charity rides typically don’t fit into my schedule.

RM3: When not riding what is your favorite thing to do?

Although I spend a lot of time riding, coaching and doing cycle tours around the world, I am an otherwise boring individual. If I am not riding I am sitting in front of the computer or watching Netflix.

RM3: What do you most look forward to at RM3?

I look forward to riding in a relatively relaxed endurance ride with friends and a party after.

RM3: Are you on Strava?

No. I find Strava boring. Not to sound elitist I believe riders who are interested in “competition” should set their goals higher than hitting 3 new Strava PR’s on each and every training ride. That is what Championship Competition is about and should be the goal for competitive riders.

RM3: As a cycling coach how do you think a rider can get faster, stronger, better on a bike?

A rider should select a goal or goals for the year and work toward them. If you want to go fast . . . ask yourself to do fast efforts. If you want to be strong, ask yourself to do power efforts. And above all don’t continue to do the same old thing and expect different results. If you want to be a better rider develop a plan to become better. Maybe even hire a coach. Trust me, it’s a whole lot more fun accomplishing something more meaningful than a PR on a Strava segment.

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