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Greg Applegate

RM3 : Tell us a little about you?

I am originally from Ohio, have lived in Europe for the past 30 plus years before moving to Charlotte just over a year ago.

RM3 : Tell us how you started cycling.

I started cycling seriously at twenty via triathlons. Realized I enjoyed cycling the best, joined a club, then a team and started racing. After racing in the U.S. I moved to England, spent three years racing and continued to ride on and off for years, mainly off. I rediscovered cycling again about 18 months ago while living in Spain. Moving to Charlotte has helped me continue to ride, with so many great people and rides every week to keep up the motivation. We've recently started a cycling club that launches on the 1st of November for anyone in our region who loves riding they can go to our web site at www.VengaVengaVelo.com

RM3: Tell us what you love about cycling.

I love cycling for a variety of reasons; It's low impact, you can ride hard and recover quickly. Riding is like meditating, it clears your mind as all you can think about is where you are, your breathing and of course the suffering. It attracts a fantastic group of people and I've made some great friends via cycling. Plus I get to eat lots!

RM3: Do you have a favorite ride?

My favorite ride is usually the one I've just finished but the ride from the town of Velez Rubio, Spain heading directly south towards the sea riding over the mountains, beautiful! Locally I really like riding The Assault on Mount Mitchell, Mount Morrow, The Blue Ridge Brutal, MAC Poker, Camp Luck, etc. I really enjoy the fact that you can go in any direction out of Charlotte and ride in beautiful countryside. I got to ride the route for RM3 next April and that's a beautiful ride, looking forward to that event, cycling, beer, food, perfect!

RM3: What do you enjoy when you are not cycling?

When I'm not riding; I'm usually thinking of my next ride. Other than cycling I love to travel/explore with my family, photography, music, food, you know all the good stuff.

RM3: What three things are on you bucket list when it comes to cycling?

Three things on my cycling bucket list;

1) Spend a few weeks riding in the Pyrenees Mountains, France.

2) Ride up the Pico de Veleta, Spain, 3384m / 11102.36ft, Europe's highest road.

3) Break the hour cycling record for as a 100 year old

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