Multi Day Rider is one Rad Chic

RM3: Tell us a little about you?

I'm a mom of 3 amazing daughters (Ashley 24, Jessica 18 and Casey 17) and 2 tuxedo cats. I love travel and I love exploring on my bike. I am from what used to be a sleepy lil' surf town in Northern San Diego County called Encinitas. It's not so sleepy anymore! I live in South Charlotte now and I love it!

RM3: When did you first start Cycling?

I feel like I've been riding for forever but I haven't. I have memories of riding as a kid and I have had bikes over the years but I became a bike nut relatively recently.

RM3: What is your proudest moment in riding?

Probably every time I see the excitement and happiness in a new riders eyes. I love coaching new riders! I love everything about riding! The wind in my hair, the thrill of a chase, the camaraderie amongst riders.

RM3: What was your favorite bike ride?

I've had a few favorites. I really loved the Breakaway to the Beach when it left from Charlotte and rode to Myrtle Beach. This year I did the Ride 2 DC and that was super fun even though it rained and was cold all 4 days!

RM3: What is your favorite local route?

I've been riding in the area so long it's hard to say.

RM3: What do you find to be the most exciting thing about riding?

When my fitness kicks in and the ride feels almost effortless.

Do you do many charity rides like RM3?

Not as much as I did years ago. Working in retail in the bike industry doesn't afford me a whole lot of free weekends to ride. I do look forward to them when I get a chance to ride.

RM3: When not riding what is your favorite thing to do?

Hiking! I love to hike and the mountains are my go to happy place. Hot Yoga! There is absolutely nothing better than starting the day on the yoga mat and sweating.

RM3: When it comes to cycling tell us three things on your bucket list.

I would love to take a few months off from work and ride all over North and South America. Then I'd jump the pond and ride all over Europe. Basically any multi-day ride is on my list!

RM3 Thank you for signing up to ride RM3 and support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society . What do you most look forward to at RM3?

Riding with a lot of my favorite people!

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