Passionate cyclist that lives his life to the fullest

Ronald Buffington

RM3: Tell us a little about yourself and what makes you, you?

I am a father of an 11 year old boy, Campbell and a 9 year old girl Marley. My wife Julie and I are getting ready to celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary. I grew up in Columbus Ohio and when to school at Ohio State. I started my own company back in 2008, Liquid HiFi. We offer our clients high end audio systems.

I am very passionate individual and my family and cycling are on the top of my list.

RM3: When did you start cycling and when did you realize you really enjoyed it?

I started cycling about 6 years ago when my wife was doing the Ramblin' Rose triathlon series. I have done some BMX riding in my youth but really neglected doing exercise for a while. I got on my bike one day and realized I had found cardio that didn't "suck". I started losing weight and feeling better. I was really enjoying it.

RM3: What drives / motivates you to succeed in cycling and in life?

Living life to its fullest is my driving factor. Staying healthy so I can be there for my family. I didn't have balance for a lot of years and realized what a mistake that was. I feel like cycling helps me to keep balance in my life and staying fit.

RM3: What do you enjoy about the cycling community?

Charlotte has an amazing cycling community made up of a lot of very successful and generous people. I have made so many great friends in the cycling community here and I am frankly honored to be a part of it.

RM3: Do you participate in many charity rides and if so which one stands out the most to you?

RM3 was a great ride last year. I participated in 24 Hours of Booty last year for the first time and it was one of the most humbling experiences of my life. Riding for my wife Julie and our friend Alana who are both cancer survivors, it was a huge honor.

RM3: If you could cycle anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

I would have to really think about this one but probably Italy or Spain. To personally experience some of Europe's cycling culture would be amazing.

RM3: Where do you enjoy cycling in the Charlotte area?

I enjoy riding all over Charlotte, but one of my favorites is the Unknown bike and brew ride leaving from the Unknown Brewery at 2:30 every Saturday.

RM3: What do you find exciting about cycling?

Cycling always has something to offer and something to gain. One can set infinite goals and work to get better each and every day. Cycling epitomized the progress not perfection mentality while allowing one to strive for more all the tie.

RM3: When you are not cycling what do you enjoying doing in your spare time?

I enjoy spending time with my family especially traveling. I love listening to music on the HiFi systems and I love watching Buckeye Football with my family.

RM3: We all of some kind of bucket list items to accomplish, What are your top 3 in regards to cycling?

I would love to win a CAT 4 Race, become a better Fondo rider and participate in one of the great Fondo's outside of NC/SC. I would also love to bring my family into cycling so we can all do a big group ride together.

RM3: Thank you very much for your support and for signing up for the RM3 ride. We look forward to seeing you out there!

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